Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level

Massive improvement on the likes system of XenForo

  1. Sι∂яα∂ι

    At its most basic level, this addon is a massive improvement on the likes system of XenForo by allowing users to express a wide range of views on a post.

    From first glance it may look like one of those silly addons for moods, points, credits, etc. that really adds nothing of benefit to your forum, but the reality is very different.

    This addon:
    • Increases daily posts (read on for proof)
    • Improves signal to noise ratio; less short/unnecessary posts
    • Improves quality of posts (posters want to avoid negative ratings)
    • Makes lurkers useful for something and gives them a means of interaction
    Like Alerts and similar features, I have found this addon to be a major source of the 'XenForo effect' - people just can't stop using it.