XenCore Tools

Get more than 60 html/css features easily, quickly, and without knowledge

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    XenCore Tools allows you to get much 60 new features easily, quickly, and without knowledge of html/css!

    This is a great tool for administrators!

    Everything is automatic, you simply click on the function you want to activate and XenCore Tools does the rest!

    XenCore Tools is a real Swiss knife, after trying it, you can not do without [​IMG]

    60 news features for your XenForo
    Work With XenForo 1.3.x/1.4.x/1.5.x and of course xF 1.5.3!

    • Upload files into their respective folders on your ftp.
    • Import "addon-XenCore.xml"
    • Enjoy!
    IMPORTANT, after install don't forget to clear cache browser !

    • All these features were tested on an original style XenForo (1.4.x -> 1.5.x) I can not absolutely guarantee their operation on a custom style.
    • I don't promise support or adaptation of these features on custom styles
    • 1 or 2 features, if they are enabled at the same time can break the visual of the forum. Normally, due to their use, this case should be very rare.

    Interests to add-on:
    • Enable / disable features by checking simply!
    • Updated easy because almost all of these features are madecss + some script
    • Very customizable: Full management is fact via css template "XenCore.css"
    • Have that functionality is activated in the style properties, you can choose to activate or not in the style of your choice.
    • You have NO modified template to do, everything is automated. You import the product, you select the functionality you want and that's it!
    • This add-on now uses icons awesome !
    bettendorf apprécie ceci.